SCG, GENERAL CONSULTING SERVICE, was established in Asunción in 1998 as a Simple Society of Professionals oriented to satisfy the requirements of the local and regional market in the elaboration, registration and generation of accounting and financial information systems, systems and methods, development of investment projects, comprehensive legal advice and other business services, bases in knowledge management processes, with shared development approach, common technological base and corporate social responsibility.

Subsequently, the Firm has added to its range of services the development of management and control systems for management, human talent management, consulting and other related services to solve planning problems and administrative and financial strategies for large companies and complexity , as well as entities of the Public Sector and the third sector.

SCG has to date a professional staff with proven qualifications in various disciplines of business, legal, financial, cooperative, human talent, training and training, public sector and non-profit entities, which reveals the consolidation of the as an efficient, effective and competitive company based on a dynamic team of excellence and high professionalism to meet the demanding national and regional market.