Assist technically and permanently to natural and legal persons that carry out commercial, industrial, service activities; entities of the public sector and non-profit civil entities, in their organizational management processes, oriented to reach their objectives.

To form an organization of professional services based on the quality, work capacity and professional ethics of its human resources that makes use of the strategic review and the improvement of processes to induce the organizational growth and the total quality management of the business management of its customers to make them more sustainable and profitable over time.

Provide efficient, effective and effective professional services with innovative solutions to customer problems. Helping clients meet their goals, saving their resources to the fullest. Provide highly effective help to requests and prompt response to queries. Practice and demand transparency and honesty in the provision of services and in inter-institutional relations. Achieve the understanding of our clients businesses, anticipate their needs and increase their effectiveness. Establish lasting relationships with customers based on quality, performance and integrity. Create a stable and demanding work environment that encourages and helps professionals and employees that integrate the staff to achieve their personal and professional goals. Create an environment of mutual respect and trust in our personal relationships, based on commitments of integrity, honesty, openness and competence. Finally, share the success of SCG, with people who make it possible.

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